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Have you got time on your hands during this lockdown  period of Covid-19? Feeling inspired & creative? We can work with you remote in remodeling your jewelry.   This is a beautiful bespoke creation we were commissioned to make.  It is a stunning three row diamond dress ring featuring a cluster of round brilliant cut diamonds we have successfully remodeled for a customer.


Sparkling diamonds bubble Ring

Sparkling diamonds bubble around the custom rings in this unique engagement ring collection. Made to order in the metal and stones of your desire. Get your sparkle on!

The diamonds came from an old cluster ring the customer had, hence why they are different sizes.  We worked with the customer to create this stunning, contemporary multi row diamond ring which features a stylish diamond scatter ring set in chunky bezels and thick bands of 18k white gold.

Rings like this with a chunky metal band have become popular in diamond dress jewelry, as they add more dazzle to the overall look of the ring.  As the stones vary in size, we set them in thick metal bezels so that they appeared larger and more eye-catching.

Each of the seven round brilliant cut diamonds have been secured in rub over gold settings, which is where the metal is arched around the whole shape of the stone in a modern, stylish way.  To make the most out of the diamonds, we randomly scattered them across the three rows of metal on the band.

If you like this ring style, or have a design you are interested to make, contact us directly and we would be happy to provide a quotation for you.

Sparkling diamonds bubble Ring

CAD – Computer Aided Design and how it works!

CAD, which stands for Computer Aided Design, creates a full, 3D digital version of your ring, which can then be edited and adjusted. A CAD preview enables you to see from every angle, allowing you to have complete control over the design elements before it hits production.

At Desert Diamonds Jewelry our team are highly qualified and experienced and will help you choose the best design for your piece.

It is perfect for the client wishing to develop their bespoke designs.

Desert Diamonds Jewelry ensures exceptional quality, price and service!

Lifetime guarantee on our premium diamond simulants or select a gemstone of your desire!

Complimentary service provided to evaluate your jewelry for cleaning & polishing.

Contact us today and make your dream jewelry come true…

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