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New Gemstone Jewelry Collection

Bold, Beautiful & Breathtaking Gemstone Jewelry

Celebrities set the trend with wearing gemstone engagement rings!

Gemstone Jewelry

We are really excited to be working with natural gemstones again.   Natural Gemstone Jewelry is the latest trend to take the fashion scene by storm. Breathtaking and beautiful!   
We all know that a girl’s best friend is a sparkling diamond however colored gems such as a blue topaz or amethyst continue to make a more prominent fit on celebrities fingers, in particular when it comes to engagement rings.

Take for instance actresses Halle Berry and Blake Lively, singers Kelly Clarkson and Jessica Simpson and last but no means least the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Emeralds, pink diamonds, rubies, yellow canary diamonds and sapphires, what all these A-list celebrities have in common is their love for colored stone engagement rings. 

Whether you prefer the gemstones striking standalone stone or love the idea of your gem accessorized with dazzling encrusted diamond simulants, Gemstone Jewelry is here to stay! 

We have an extensive range of Gemstone (semi-precious) Jewelry but will start with a smaller selection to share with you.   The quality of our gemstones is exceptional and the pricing incredibly reasonable.   We are fortunate to be working in the gemstone hub of the world and as such have access to a wide selection of natural stones.   

The valuation of these pieces will be significantly higher if purchased in the likes of Europe, UK, USA or Australia!

Coming to our website soon!


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