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Exclusive insight into handcrafting Desert Diamonds Jewelry

Watch our exclusive insight into handcrafting Desert Diamonds Jewelry by highly skilled silver & goldsmiths. Traditionally made without modern technology. Each piece is of exceptional quality and uniqueness in its finished state.

Desert Diamonds Jewelry offers you Affordable Luxury that you can buy, because you deserve  quality and elegant designs of classic and modern Fine Jewelry.  In addition, we offer jewelry repair, custom design and engraving services.


Here is an inside exclusive into what makes our handmade fine jewelry surpass machine made jewelry.   Simply the reason being is each piece of fine jewelry is expertly handcrafted individually by our skilled gold & silversmiths. 


The Ring that is being made in this video is our traditional 5-stone eternity band.  A favorite for our loyal customers and anyone looking for a special anniversary band or dress ring. 




There is no use of modern machines. Craftsmen take time to create jewelry that is unique in design and pattern be it necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings in Sterling Silver with rhodium plating and 18k & 14k yellow and white gold.


Craftsmen create exceptional jewelry set with our premium quality Diamond Simulant and beautiful gemstones in exquisite designs that are high in aesthetic value.


Our Fine Jewelry boasts of uniqueness that machine made jewelry lacks. And since it is handcrafted in traditional Thai style, it is of superior quality than machine made pieces.


Our enthusiastic team await the opportunity to assist you in making that unique piece of jewelry to last a lifetime.


Visit our website to shop with us today.   


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