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Bespoke Customized Jewelry Using CAD


This slideshow features our latest bespoke ring made with exquisite Emerald & Baguette Cut Diamond Simulant stones.

Our Bespoke service…

When designing your bespoke ring, sometimes a flat drawing just isn’t enough.

We at Desert Diamonds Jewelry provide CAD previews so you can fully perfect your design.

series of images of the process of designing an engagement ring

CAD, which stands for Computer Aided Design, creates a full, 3D digital version of your ring, which can then be edited and adjusted. A CAD preview enables you to see from every angle, allowing you to have complete control over the design elements before it hits production.

At Desert Diamonds Jewelry our team are highly qualified and experienced and will help you choose the best design for your piece.

It is perfect for the client wishing to develop their bespoke designs.

Desert Diamonds Jewelry ensures exceptional quality, price and service!

Lifetime guarantee on our premium diamond simulants or select a gemstone of your desire!

Complimentary service provided to evaluate your jewelry for cleaning & polishing.

Contact us today and make your dream jewelry come true…

Click here to see a short slide show of the process


Click here to learn even more about our bespoke service

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