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Jewelry Consultant Opportunity


Start your Desert Diamonds Jewelry Business today!


SPARKLE…Get paid to share what you love to wear becoming a Jewelry Consultant with Desert Diamonds Jewelry!

A business of your own, built on flexibility, started with-in one week, there’s never been a better time to join, start earning & having fun!


We are very excited to share with you our  Jewelry Consultant selling model which we have just launched and you may find it very appealing for the type of commitment that you would like to make today.  It’s a new opportunity for you to get involved with Desert Diamonds with a minimal one off purchase of our https://desertdiamondsjewelry.com/shop/consultant-jewelry-startup-kit/jewelry-essentials-consultant-startup-kit/with a Retail Value of over US$1050!  It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to consider.  Read on…

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The amazing benefit of our Jewelry Consultant opportunity is that you can work independently to sell our stunning Jewelry products directly to your customers.   You don’t need to do it full time or even any set number of hours per week.   You can do it from your home, via social media or on the go!  You don’t need to invest in inventory or meet monthly quotas.   Just place your order and earn your Sales Commission immediately.  We will even ship to you and your customers directly at NO extra charge.  It really is NO RISK and such a gorgeous brand of Jewelry to be involved in with  excellent earning potential and it’s sure to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience!   We will work with you to become a success, however should your circumstances change down the track, you will have beautiful classic pieces of fine jewelry for personal use or gifts!

We have two fantastic Direct Selling Options for you to consider:

  1. Jewelry Consultant – Our new direct selling opportunity is based on you purchasing one time only an Essential “Classics” Start-up comprising of our Best Selling Jewelry in Sterling Silver with White Gold Plating – Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Bracelet and chains!  To enable you to start selling immediately from your Essential Kit or taking orders it and also includes Gift Packaging, Accessories and Marketing material.  For each subsequent order you place, you will earn a generous 25% sales commission!   To recognize your great efforts we have some generous sparkling perks should you meet a minimum order level as well a super incentive referring a friend to becoming a Jewelry Consultant too!

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  1. Jewelry Distributor– Our current and successful direct selling model requires a minimum start up investment in Jewelry of USD 1000 at wholesale prices and ongoing reorders for stock of customer orders.  In this model your reward is higher, however you do need to stock more jewelry to enable participation in fairs & events or stocking to retailers.  If you wish to learn more about this option, please click on this link………

Women love fine jewelry and this is exactly what Desert Diamonds Jewelry aims to deliver to the direct selling market.   There will always be a market for Jewelry which makes Desert Diamonds Business Opportunity all the more appealing for interested Consultants.   Whether you are a fan of our Jewelry Line or you are looking for a new business opportunity you can’t go wrong with joining Desert Diamonds as an independent Consultant!   You will have the advantage of being one of the privileged people to sell such beautiful pieces of jewelry.


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Desert Diamonds – What Women Want is a collection of beautifully crafted high-quality jewelry featuring our premium grade diamond simulants, set in 18K or 14K gold, and Sterling Silver with white, yellow or rose gold plating, for those who appreciate excellence at an affordable price!


Our unique positioning statement: “What Women Want” has been recognized as vogue, chic and relevant for our target market as it appeals to the female’s sense of self confidence, assertiveness and image!  We offer a consistency in product quality and delivery that is seen as major benefits by our customers.


With an extensive team of established Distributors around the world, the DESERT DIAMONDS ® brand is rapidly gaining global recognition. We believe it is important that our customers have the opportunity to enjoy a personalized and flexible selling experience through our exclusive direct selling channel.


Our business opportunity is essentially home-based or on the go; hence minimal running costs and price points remain affordable.   The brand is very well positioned to offer a great variety of design and price points to fit with your market requirements.


This is such the perfect time to start up with our busiest and most prosperous selling season ahead of us!  Plenty of your family and friends will be in the gift buying mode for Christmas and Desert Diamonds Jewelry offers such a diverse selection of Classic & Modern designs to choose from.


If you are interested to learn more or sign up today, please click the contact link below!


We look forward to welcoming you on board!


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