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Europe’s New Head Office for Desert Diamonds

20+ YEARS IN THE JEWELRY INDUSTRY – an exciting new update…

Sally Cowley the Founder & Managing Director of DD Global Ltd, has over 20 years as a professional in all areas of the fine jewelry industry.

Europe’s New Head Office for Desert Diamonds.    The inspiration for the Desert Diamonds brand came from 14 years spent in Saudi Arabia.  This is where Sally  became aware of the widespread appeal of high quality diamond simulants to be used as a premium substitute to a diamond in fine jewelry.  Sally realized that not all women could afford the diamond of their dreams and it was her wish to empower women to independently purchase timeless and elegant high quality designs for themselves, without the hefty price tag.   Sally went on to spend significant years in Thailand working closely with highly skilled gold & silver craftsmen and sourcing only the best in both simulants and precious & semi-precious stones, to perfect exceptional fine jewelry.

Europe’s New Head Office

Sally now operates from Europe’s Head Office in France and oversees the designs, distributors and more.  With Sally’s passion & love for Desert Diamonds Jewelry, she is constantly working to provide every customer around the globe the opportunity to feel good about what they are wearing.



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