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Brand New Distributor – Cumbria – UK


Sue here based in beautiful Cumbria. Married with 3 children and two very crazy but lovable dogs.
My background is in art and design. I enjoy meeting up with friends, more coffee than cocktail dates these days, love meeting new people, flirt with the gym and run a private taxi firm based around my children’s activities. I dress a little “quirky”, sequin jackets and camouflage trousers worn on the school run is my norm and  I’ve got to a stage in life where I needed something for me.
What could I do around the family? Something that I didn’t need to produce but needed to love and believe in. Have a passion for. The answer was on my finger.
I was introduced to Desert Diamonds in 2007 whilst living in Belgium. I had just had our third baby and wasn’t working. With a limited budget I went to a friend’s Sparkle Party and found the ring I had dreamed about.
A beautiful trilogy ring in 18 k gold. The cut of the stones, the weight of the gold and the craftsmanship of this  ring was equal to rings I had only seen in high end jewelry boutiques. I couldn’t believe the quality of the  Desert Diamond Jewelry. I didn’t dare look at the price tag, but did and couldn’t believe it was within my budget. I was ecstatic and left with my dream ring on my finger.
I  still love this ring and wear it most days. No one knows the secret that lays within its glistening stones, until I share it. Then they  want to try it on and learn more about Desert Diamonds Jewelry.


Now I’m wishing to spread the word and a little more sparkle across the North of England.
If you would like to learn a little more please contact me.
Facebook: Desert Diamonds Cumbria – https://www.facebook.com/sasm24/

If you live in Cumbria or the North of England then please check out Sue’s profile on the https://desertdiamondsjewelry.com/distributor-uk/on our Meet the distributors page.

Don’t delay in getting in touch with her to keep informed.

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Does this sound like a perfect business opportunity for you?

Desert Diamonds Jewelry is a company by women for women, our jewelry is made for every woman, every day.  Desert Diamonds Jewelry was founded with the intent of bringing beauty, joy and opportunity to women of all ages and diverse backgrounds, and delivers a new level of fun and sophistication to the home party experience.


Join our team today as an Authorized Distributor! We are looking for women who would like to have flexible hours or a full time career with the potential to earn good income and become more involved in their community. Selling opportunities involve organizing Sparkler Parties, private viewings, attending trade shows and fairs, retail partnerships, being part of community events, and being creative in finding new ways of bringing this beautiful Jewelry to those who desire it!


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