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Big, Bold and Beautiful

Introducing our Big, Bold Beautiful Aqua + Clara Collection!

We wanted to create a Statement piece, a show-stopper, one that will make every woman stand out above the rest at that special occasion and feel Bold & Beautiful.


The unique beauty of this collection is its BOLDNESS. Never before have such extravagant stones been used. The entire jewelry feature a show-stopping 10 mm brilliant cut stone set in a Prong/Bezel Design.


The Collection features two magnificent colors:

Aqua is our Semi-precious Blue Topaz & Clara is our famous signature Desert Diamond Simulant

This collection is an exclusive limited edition to run from now until the Fall.

Blue topaz earrings from the Aqua clara collection of Desert Diamonds

Brilliant 6.5 carat 10 millimeters Diamond Simulant earrings in prong set

  • Rach

    I love the blue! Simply gorgeous

  • Pat Muma

    Beautiful !

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